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All diabetic patients are vulnerable for eye problems secondary to diabetes. The chances increases with increase in duration of diabetes and can happen earlier in patients with poor control or those having associated diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low Haemoglobin, cardiac diseases etc.

All diabetic patients should visit a retina specialist as early changes due to diabetes affect retina ( a layer of eye) first and a good retina specialist can save your vision by early detection and timely treatment.

All diabetics should get their eye check up atleast once a year even if they are not experiencing any eye problem. If you are diagnosed to have some problem secondary to diabetes then you will guided about your next follow up depending upon the severity of your eye disease.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms you should immediately contact your retina specialist:

  • Blurred Vision
  • Floaters
  • Flashes
  • Distorted Images
  • Sudden black out

Delhi Eye Care has a special Diabetic Eye Care wing under the expert guidance of very famous Retina Specialist Dr. Shashank Rai Gupta. His main expertise is in the field of Diabetic Retinopathy and is very famous world -wide for his ethical and individualistic approach in treating diabetic patients. His experience along with state of the art diagnostic and surgical facilities make Delhi Eye Care the perfect place for all diabetic patients suffering from eye related problems.

Facilities available for treatment of Diabetic patients :

This is a 3-D Scan of the macula (central part of Retina) which helps in diagnosis and management of swelling and traction of retina. (will send the image to be attached )

This investigation is required to look for presence or absence of blood supply in Retina and to look out for source of bleeding inside the eyes. (will send the image to be attached )

lasers are required in patients who have risk of bleeding from retina and in certain cases to reduce swelling of retina. (will send the image to be attached )

These injections are needed in diabetic patients to reduce the rosk of bleeding and to reduce swelling in retina. Multiple options are now available which varies in duration of action. (will send the image to be attached )

Surgeries are needed when the bleeding inside the eyes is not resolving with other traetment or when there is a traction of retina leading to retinal detachment or in cases of non-resolving swelling or membranes on macula. (will send the image to be attached )

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Dr. Shashank Rai Gupta is a world famous Retina Surgeon who specialises in Diabetic Eye Care and Diabetic Eye Surgeries. He has a huge experience and desired expertise in management of whole range of retinal diseases.

Team Work

We beleive in involving the patient and attendants in formulating treatment plan and educate them about the whole process.


We possess the latest diagnostic and surgical equipments which along with surgeon's expertise helps in achieving optimum results.

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