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Delhi Eye Care: Best Eye Clinic in Delhi

Delhi Eye Care is one of the leading and reliable eye clinics in Delhi. We have a team of highly qualified, compassionate, experienced, and best eye surgeons in Delhi. We provide comprehensive eye care solutions for all ages. Be it Glaucoma, Squint, Cataract, Retina, we cover it all. We have the latest and modern instruments and use more advanced technology for the correction of eye disorders. Patients across the globe visit Delhi Eye Care for their treatment. Our highly experienced team of eye specialists in Delhi makes sure that you get world-class eye care at an affordable cost. Think eye care, Think Delhi Eye Care!

Our Eye Care Specialists

Looking for the best eye specialists in Delhi? You have come to the right place only, we have India's
top Eye Specialists with us who are experts in their field.

Dr. Shashank Rai Gupta

Retina Surgeon

top eye hospital in delhi

Dr. Nidhi Gupta

Cataract, LASIK & Glaucoma Surgeon

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Dr. Nidhi Gupta

Cataract, LASIK & Glaucoma Surgeon

Dr. Manish Sharma

Squint Surgeon

Dr. Pallavi Sugandhi

Cornea Surgeon

Dr. Sweety Narula

Oculoplasty Surgeon

Dr. Vishal Nigam

Oculoplasty Surgeon

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Testimonial Videos

delhi eye care
delhi eye care
delhi eye care
delhi eye care
delhi eye care

What Our Patients Say About Us

delhi eye care


2 months ago, all of a sudden my eyes caught some allergy due to which I couldn’t able to do my work, my daily activities. I visited Delhi Eye Care and it was like miracle. My allergy was got over within 10 days. I would say thanks to this best eye hospital Delhi.

delhi eye care


Few years back I had a severe accident due to which several parts of my cornea got damaged. I could have faced permanent blindness but thanks to my saviour- Dr Pallavi Sugandhi and it proved that Delhi Eye Care is the best hospital for eye treatment in Delhi.

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Being a patient of Delhi eye care for the last couple of years. I am privileged to confess that the services at the centre are excellent owing to high quality gadgets and superb technical capability of doctors to handle various eye problems.

delhi eye hospital


Visited Delhi eye care top eye hospital in Delhi for cataract surgery and within 30 days got the surgery done for both eyes. Very satisfying experience with him who is really excellent in his job and has command over his knowledge.

delhi eye care


My daughter is 13 years old and she was suffering from a dry eye problem. Her mom asked me to take her to Delhi eye care. We consulted the doctors and the treatment went well. Her eyes are now fine. I would highly recommend this Delhi eye hospital.

delhi eye care


My squint problem was the worst thing I’ve ever hated. Sometimes I felt embarrassed in front of my colleagues too. While surfing on the internet, I found Delhi Eye Care, an eye hospital in Delhi for my squint treatment. Believe it or not, Dr Manish Sharma has proved that I can be confident again.

delhi eye care


I always wanted to be a model but my eyes’ structure was the biggest obstacle. One of my friends suggested that I go for oculoplasty. I didn’t even hear this before. I got to know the treatment but was unable to find the best doctor for it. He again suggested Dr Sweety Narula at Delhi Eye Care, which is the best eye hospital in Delhi. I visited there and booked an appointment for the surgery. Now my eyes are perfect to go with any shoot.

delhi eye hospital


How does it feel when you get treatment from the same name you have? Yes, I’m talking about Dr Nidhi Gupta, who is the best cataract surgeon in Delhi. My eyes were developing cataracts. I visited top ten eye hospitals in Delhi and everyone had suggested surgery but Dr Nidhi Gupta at Delhi Eye Care treated my cataract without surgery.

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I really am happy visiting Delhi eye care clinic is the Delhi eye specialist hospital. Doctor is kind and cares about the patient's comfort. They carefully listen to the patient's problem and take action to address that issue.

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My experience with Dr. Nidhi at eye hospital in New Delhi. was wonderful for me and my family as well as the patients I referred. Dr. Nidhi has a very strong diagnosis and gives honest advice. Listen to the patient and reply to the queries till the patient gets satisfied.

delhi eye specialist hospital


Doctor Pallavi at the best eye hospital in Delhi is thoroughly dedicated and gives precise treatment and advice. Besides he has been cooperative enough for last moment requests for consultation and changes. Best of wishes.

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Dr. Pahlavi at eye best hospital in Delhi is an utmost example of a great doctor who puts patient care above everything else. She has been our go-to ophthalmologist for my family for many years now. We are truly fortunate to have him.

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Delhi eye care is the Top 10 eye hospital in Delhi NCR. I consulted him during the lockdown. Doctor gave me an appointment over whatsapp and consulted over whatsapp too. Treated my problem within couple of days.

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Wonderful experience. It's very impressive the way Dr. Nidhi at the best eye hospital in Delhi NCR examines and guides their patients. Must visit for your EYE's care. Beautiful and Hygienically cleaned Clinic. Thanks Dr.

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Delhi eye care is the Top 10 eye hospital in Delhi, doctors were really professionals and they handled everything extremely well. Supportive staff and had a great overall experience.

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My visit at Delhi eye care eye specialist doctor in Delhi was great! From the moment I walked in to the moment I checked out, everyone was so professional and courteous.

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Delhi eye care eye hospital in Delhi NCR Doctor was very polite,soft spoken and a distinguished person. Doctor attitude towards his patients is exemplary. Doctor carefully listens to all your problems and makes you understand the requisite things to be done.

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It has always been a very satisfying visit to Delhi eye care, the best eye care hospital in Delhi with doubts cleared to your satisfaction. The reception area is very well maintained. The best part is that apart from getting the correct advice from an experienced, professionally qualified person.

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Delhi eye care the best eye care hospital in Delhi NCR is having the well experienced physician and eye surgeon with a very good behaviour with all patients.

best eye care hospital in delhi


I am so happy to share with you my wonderful experience with Delhi eye care, the top 5 eye hospitals in Delhi. I visited the clinic in these Covid times and was impressed with the Safety protocol for each and every patient along with all staff.

best eye hospital in delhi ncr

Rakesh Kapoor

Great experience. Very qualified Doctor with rich experience . Very polite before and after surgery.

top 5 eye hospital in delhi

Charu Malhotra

The best Eye clinic in the entire region. Extremely Qualified and experienced doctors & well

delhi eye care

Prashanth Muthabathula

Very very friendly madam Dr Nidhi. I felt as if I am talking with my family.she really understands and takes care to solve the problem.

delhi eye care

Geetika Malik

I am a patient with Glaucoma and had a Cataract in both eyes. Since the day I have visited Delhi Eye Care I have not visited any other eye hospital as I am extremely pleased with the expertise, care, behavior of staff and doctors, and the latest types of equipment they have. And the best part is that they have a very very ethical practice with no greed. I highly recommend DELHI EYE CARE to everyone.

best eye hospital delhi

Surender Chopra

My experience was amazing. Everything was well explained by the doctor and the staff. They took extreme precautions during this covid pandemic. On top of that my medical outcome is great so far! I would recommend Delhi eye care to anyone who needs this procedure.

best eye hospital delhi

MP Gupta

We had a very good experience..both the doctors Dr. Shashank and Dr. Nidhi are extremely knowledgeable...I strongly recommend Delhi eyecare!! In COVID times also they have taken utmost care of patient's health. Go for Delhi care without a second thought.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the signs of eye problems?

    •   Color of iris gets changed.
    •  Eyes crossed
    •  In the centre of your field of vision, if there is a dark area.
    •  Focusing on close or far objects is difficult
    •  Double vision is a common occurrence.
    •  Itchy or burning eyes due to dryness.
    •  Cloudy vision episodes.
    •  Excessive leaking or ripping.

    If you face any such problem, you should consult Delhi Eye Care, the best eye hospital Delhi.
  • What are the four most common vision problems?

    Most common problems occurs in adults:

    •   Blurred vision or refractive errors
    •  Glaucoma
    •  Age-related macular degeneration
    •  Diabetic retinopathy.
    •  Cataract

    These are serious problems. Consult Delhi eye hospital to fine again.
  • What are the main causes of blindness?

    Most common problems occurs in adults:

    •   Refractive defects that have not been fixed. Myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism are all examples of uncorrected refractive abnormalities that can cause serious vision impairment.
    •  Cataracts are a type of cataract that occurs when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy
    •  Macular degeneration as a result of age.
    •  Glaucoma is a disease that affects the eyes.
    •  Diabetic retinopathy is a kind of retinopathy caused by diabetes.

    To save your eye problem getting worse, visit an eye hospital Delhi.
  • What are the common vision defects?

    There are three primary types of visual refractive errors. They are I myopia (nearsightedness), (ii) hypermetropia (farsightedness), and (iii) Presbyopia. Near-sightedness is also known as myopia. If you are suffering from these problems, visit Delhi Eye Care as this is the best hospital for eye treatment in Delhi.

  • What causes eye sight issues?

    A refractive defect such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism is the most prevalent cause of blurred vision. When the eye is unable to focus light directly on the retina, refractive errors occur. Visit Delhi Eye Care, the best eye hospital in Delhi to correct your eye sight issues.

  • Is minus 0.75 eyesight bad?

    Doctors at top ten eye hospital in Delhi are of the opinion that the closer you get to zero, the better your vision is for both sorts. Even though spherical errors of -0.75 and -1.25 are both considered mild nearsightedness, the person with a spherical error of -0.75 is technically closer to 20/20 vision without glasses.

  • Can optometrists treat eye diseases?

    Optometrists have the term DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine) appended to their name, while ophthalmologists have the title MD (doctor of medicine). Most eye diseases can be diagnosed, prescribed drugs, and treated by optometrists. Visit Delhi Eye Care, top eye hospital in Delhi for the best optometrists.

  • How can you prevent eye disease?

    •   Know what you're up against. Certain factors can increase your risk of developing disorders that lead to visual loss and blindness.
    •  Get your eyes checked on a regular basis. To get your check-up done, visit Delhi eye specialist hospital.
    •  Be aware of vision changes.
    •  Protect yourself from UV light.
    •  Maintain a Healthy Diet.
    •  Exercise on a Regular Basis.
    •  Avoid Smoking.
    •  Handle Contact Lenses With Care.

    These are serious problems. Consult Delhi eye hospital to fine again.
  • What diseases can be detected in an eye exam?

    The tiny blood arteries supplying your retina can be a warning indication of diabetes, frequently before other symptoms have led to an eye diagnosis. Moreover, thyroid problems, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Brain tumours, and High cholesterol are others that can be detected through an eye exam. To get your eye exam done, visit eye hospital in New Delhi.

  • What foods prevent blindness?

    Beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A in your body, which helps prevent dry eyes and night blindness. Do you dislike sweet potatoes? Other dark orange foods, including carrots and butternut squash, as well as dark green meals like spinach and collard greens, are high in beta-carotene. To get the holistic list of food items, visit the best eye hospital in Delhi.

  • Which fruit is best for eyes?

    Red berries, red and green bell peppers, kiwi, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, and guava, and orange juices, grapefruit are just a few examples. To know more consult, eye best hospital in Delhi.

  • Are bananas good for macular degeneration?

    Vitamin C is abundant in apples, bananas, and peaches. Fruits also contain antioxidant carotenoids, so they benefit your eyes in two ways. Experts disagree about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil, although research suggests they may reduce the risk of macular degeneration or halt its progression. For macular degeneration check-up, visit Delhi Eye Care, one of the top 10 eye hospital in Delhi NCR.

  • Are eye Vitamins worth taking?

    “However, they aren't necessary for most people's eye health,” explains ophthalmologist of best eye hospital in New Delhi. You can acquire all of the vitamins you need by eating a healthy diet. Furthermore, there is minimal proof that vitamin supplements help eye health.

  • What is a good vitamin for dry eyes?

    The combination of oral vitamin B12 supplements and artificial tears alleviated symptoms of dry eye syndrome in a research published in 2020. The corneal nerve layer, or the nerves on the eye's outer surface, may be repaired by vitamin B12, according to the researchers. This may help to alleviate the burning that comes with dry eyes. To get the best advice, visit Delhi Eye Care one of the top 10 eye hospital in Delhi.

  • Does drinking water help dry eyes?

    Drinking more water can aid in the production of a healthy volume of tears, which is necessary to avoid dry eyes. It's also crucial to have healthy lacrimal glands, which create tears, as well as healthy oil glands, which keep the tears from evaporating too quickly. Caffeine and alcohol-containing beverages might dehydrate you. For the problem of dry eyes, consult eye care hospital in Delhi.

  • What is a home remedy for eye irritation?

    Aloe vera is a plant that is used to treat a variety of ailments. Some natural healers recommend using aloe vera to relieve painful eyes because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics. Soak cotton rounds in a mixture of 1 teaspoon fresh aloe vera gel and 2 teaspoons cold water. If it doesn’t get stop, visit eye specialist hospital in Delhi.

  • What soothes an irritated eye?

    Antihistamine eye drops or allergy tablets are available over-the-counter. Itching can be relieved with a cool compress. Tobacco smoke, chlorinated pool water, and even the air around indoor pools are all irritants that can leave your eyes red and itching. An eye hospital in Delhi NCR can be contacted if you have irritated eyes.

  • What does eye infection look like?

    Yellow, green, or clear discharge from one or both eyes. The "whites" of your eyes are pink. Eyelids that are swollen, red, or purple. Especially in the morning, crusty lashes and lids. To consult about any sort of eye infection, contact Delhi Eye Care, best eye care hospital in Delhi.

  • Can eye infections clear up on their own?

    Symptoms of an eye infection usually go away on their own within a few days. If you have serious symptoms, however, seek medical help right once. A trip to the doctor should be made if you are experiencing pain or are losing your vision. The sooner you treat an infection, the less likely you are to develop problems. For best eyes advice and for best treatment, visit Delhi Eye Care, best eye hospital in Delhi NCR.

  • How long do eye infections last?

    Without treatment, the infection normally clears itself in 7 to 14 days with no long-term repercussions. Viral conjunctivitis, on the other hand, might take up to 3 weeks to clear up in certain circumstances. Antiviral medicine might be prescribed by a doctor to treat more serious cases of conjunctivitis. Visit Delhi Eye Care, one of the top 5 eye hospital in Delhi.

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