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Cataract Surgery

Cataract is the clouding of the natural lens of our eyes which leads to blurring of vision.

How do I know if have Cataract?

If you have any of these symptoms you should get yourself checked for cataract:

  •  Glare
  •  Halos around light
  •  Difficulty in night driving
  •  Frequent change in Glasses
  •  Fading Colors
  •  Double Vision

How is it treated?

Cataract is treated only through a surgery in which our damaged natural lens is replaced by an artificial intraocular lens to restore our vision.

Types of Cataract Surgery?

1) Phacoemulsification

In this surgery the incisions given are very small which does not require stitches. Phaco probe breaks the lens via ultrasound energy into pieces which are then removed and Intra-ocular lens is placed.


  •  Fast
  •  Quick recovery
  •  No need of sutures
  •   Safe
  •   Good visual outcomes

2) Microincision Cataract Surgery (MICS)

In this incision size is further reduced in this technique for better outcomes.


  •  Quick Healing
  •  Suitable for Diabetics
  •  Astigmatism is less
  •  Less need of Corrective glasses
  •  No anesthesia
  •  Best for Premium IOLs

3) LRCS (Robotic Femto Assisted Cataract Surgery)

Laser –assisted Cataract Surgery uses Femtosecond Laser guided by an advanced imaging system called OCT to create precise incisions. The computer guided incisions are accurate, and reproducible unlike incisions made with a surgical blade by hand. This is safer and more reliable than traditional cataract surgery. The lens is then removed and replaced with an IOL.


  •  Gentle on the cornea as laser is of extremely low intensity
  •  Unmatched precision
  •  Astigmatism is less
  •  Extremely short duration laser contact with the eye
  •  No inflammation
  •  Comfortable and painless procedure
  •  Suitable for patients with thin corneas and extreme myopia
  •  Procedure lasts for a few minutes
  •   Quick recovery
  •  Good sight within hours

Femtosecond Laser is safe and accurate. It is also used to correct short sight, long sight, distorted vision and focusing problems that appear with age.

Facilities available :

This is a 3-D Scan of the macula (central part of Retina) which helps in diagnosis and management of swelling and traction of retina.

This investigation is required to look for presence or absence of blood supply in Retina and to look out for source of bleeding inside the eyes.

lasers are required in patients who have risk of bleeding from retina and in certain cases to reduce swelling of retina.

These injections are needed in diabetic patients to reduce the rosk of bleeding and to reduce swelling in retina. Multiple options are now available which varies in duration of action.

Surgeries are needed when the bleeding inside the eyes is not resolving with other traetment or when there is a traction of retina leading to retinal detachment or in cases of non-resolving swelling or membranes on macula.

Injections are needed for certain retinal conditions. These injections are usually safe. These have to be given at fixed intervals to have maximum benefits. There are many option of injections available and one should discuss with the retina specialist for what is best suited for a particular disease and for a particular patient.

Now-a- days Retina surgeries are much advanced with minimum incision size and quick recovery. Latest technology has improved surgical success and reduced complications.Discuss with your retina surgeon about the post operative instructions, compliance of which is very important for successful outcome. If you are looking for Retina surgery in Delhi, then contact us.

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