Dr.Shashank Rai Gupta


Delhi Eye Care is proud to offer state-of-the- art technology and fellowship certified specialists from the top institutes of India. Each of the doctor at Delhi Eye Care is known for the excellence in the standard of care.

Our highly skilled doctors, technicians, patient care co-ordinator, optometrists and other staff is trained to address not only basic vision care needs but also provide sophisticated treatment for various complex eye diseases.

We aim to provide best in class treatment for patients with diabetic retinopathy, cataract, glaucoma, all kind of retinal diseases, pediatric eye check up, squint correction, refractive correction (LASIK,ICL, CLE) and oculoplasty.

We are dedicated in helping our patients achieve a life with better vision and healthy eyes. Our team is ready and proud to serve you to the best of standards.