Best Paediatric / Kids Eye Care Hospital in Delhi India

Paediatric ophthalmology deals with eye-related Disorders in children. With the increase in the use of mobiles, televisions and another gadget, eye disorders are pervasive in kids these days. Delhi eye care has an expert team of paediatric ophthalmologists that treat the patient with the help of medicines, therapies, surgeries. The visual system is in a developing phase in childhood. Hence any eye disorder in children must be identified and rectified as early as possible. We have an exceptional diagnostic centre for the early detection of visual defects and provide comprehensive eye care for the kids.

The most common eye diseases in children are squint, refractive errors (spectacle requirement), lazy eye disease, congenital or paediatric cataract, retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), and rarely tumours.

Paediatric/Kids Eye Care Hospital in Delhi

Treatments available for children at Delhi Eyecare:-

  • Refraction test under dilation
  • Amblyopia treatment and therapy
  • Strabismus surgery/ Squint surgery
  • Corrective eyeglasses and other visual aids
  • Vision therapy
  • Various surgical treatments and medical therapy


Squint is an eye condition in which the eyes are not aligned in the same direction. It is also called strabismus. It usually develops before the age of 5 years. Delhi Eye Care ensures proper squint treatment, which includes complex surgeries. Choosing to consult a paediatric ophthalmologist at an early stage can help you get rid of squint. You can consult and trust the ophthalmologists of Delhi eye care; they have unmatched experience and expertise in treating squint.

We have an able paediatric eye specialist team that works with modern facilities. After a thorough eye checkup and knowing the disorder's aetiology, our doctors provide correct advice and suggestions for the treatment of the disease. We ensure hassle-free therapy for the kids. In case of any query, you can consult us online or book your appointment now!