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Eyebetes : We have coined this term to make the patients understand the effect of diabetes on the eyes.

Diabetes affects the blood vessels of our eyes and Retina (the layer lining the back portion of our eyes) is the first to get effected

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness world over and India is going to be the diabetes capital of the world with many people getting diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes affects the blood vessels of our eyes and Retina (the layer lining the back portion of our eyes) is the first to get effected.


Symptoms of Diabetic Eye Disease:

  • 1. Blurred Vision
  • 2. Floaters (small black dots/clouds seen in our visual fields which keep moving)
  • 3. Metamorphopsia (tilted or morphed images)
  • 4. Blindness

But patients might not always be symptomatic even till the late stages of the disease. Hence, it is mandatory to get regular check ups done soon after being diagnosed as Diabetic.

Diabetes can also lead to:

  • -Cataract formation (safed motia)
  • -Glaucoma (kala motia)

How Diabetes affects our eyes?

Diabetes is a disease of small blood vessels lining our retina at the back portion of our eyes. Long-standing and uncontrolled diabetes affects our blood vessels leading to leakage of fluid which causes swelling in the macula (the central part of our retina and bleeding inside our eyes which causes blurred vision or loss of vision. If not controlled in time it can lead to traction and damage to our retina which may lead to irreversible blindness.

Prevention of diabetes related eye diseases:

We can summarize it in A-B-C-D-E

  • A. Control your blood sugar levels well (HbA1C - 3 monthly checks of our average blood sugar levels should be as close to 6 as possible and between 6-7 is satisfactory)
  • B. Blood Pressure control always helps to manage our problems.
  • C. Cholesterol - should always be controlled.
  • D. Diet - Portion control and realizing what to eat and what not to eat is an extremely important part of disease management. Also, we need to have good Vitamin D3 levels.
  • E. Exercise - Healthy routine and a little bit of exercise (aerobics) every day helps a lot.

Eye Checkup Schedule:

  • 1. First Checkup: As soon as you are diagnosed with Diabetes.
  • 2. Annual Checkup: If your retina is healthy then you are required to have only an annual eye checkup.
  • 3. If your eyes are having the effect of Diabetes, then the Retina specialist guides you about the need of follow ups according to the severity of the disease.

What to expect when you visit a retina specialist

  • 1. Vision check and Intraocular pressure check up on every visit.
  • 2. Dilated fundus check up to screen your retina for diabetic changes.
  • 3. You may need to undergo OCT (3-dimensional imaging of the central part of Retina to check for swelling) & FFA (Angiography to diagnose the chances of bleeding inside your eyes)
  • 4. Fundus Photography is often done to keep a record and track the disease over a period.

Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy

  • 1. Lasers (painless day care procedure)
    -To prevent the chances of bleeding in the eye if you have high risk proliferative diabetic retinopathy (chances of bleeding due to formation of new blood vessels inside the eye).
    -Sometimes to treat swelling in central portion of retina.
  • 2. Anti-VEGF injections (painless day care procedure)
    -To prevent bleeding in the eye in certain select situations.
    -To treat swelling in the eye (Retina).
    -Used pre-surgery to have better surgical outcomes.
  • 3. Vitreo-Retina Surgery (Microincision and usually stich less, no overnight admissions are required)
    -To remove blood from inside the eye.
    -To prevent recurrent bleeding.
    -To remove tractions that develop over time on the retina and cause blurred / morphed vision.
    -Rarely used to treat swelling inside the eye.

The treatment of Diabetic Eye Problems has evolved over a period, and we now have better diagnostic and surgical instruments and know how to help you see better.

Prevention of Diabetic Retinopathy

Why Delhi Eye Care for Diabetic Eye Care

  • 1. We CARE
  • 2. Dedicated Super-Specialty Clinic
  • 3. Modern Diagnostics
  • 4. State of the art operation theatre
  • 5. Skilled Surgeon & staff
  • 6. Transparent & trusted system

We involve our patient and their families in their journey to improve their vision and also in preventive aspects so as to enable them the art of staying ahead of Diabetes and lead a trouble-free life with good vision.

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