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Negligence always has a price to pay!

As a doctor, I see many patients on a daily basis. The duties of a doctor solely involvemaintaining an upgraded health system for his patients.

We are available for them at all hours, be it treatment or advice.

Sadly, most of the time, patients neglect their responsibility towards their health and suffer its consequences.

The other sad reality is that levels of reluctance and unawareness lead to not only fallen health status but the function loss of an organ.

Related to this, I would like to pen down a story about one of my patients.

This will be exemplary learning for you so that you bestow wholly towards your health. Because only then is your existence certified.

A lady dropped by my office for a check up today. She had lost her vision in one eye. Thus, she could not see from one of the eyes for the past 18 months.

Upon examination, I found she had a macular hole in the eye.

Now, a macular hole is a hole created in the central portion of the retina, which causes blurred vision. The condition is treatable, and the person should not have to face direconditions like blindness.

But since this lady was falsely educated about her situation and did not opt for surgery, her eye issue worsened, leading to vision loss.

All of us are well acquainted with the fact that our eyes are the connection we have with the outer world. Any eye disease is traumatic, and losing your eyesight is an unbearable situation.

I, therefore, want to pass this message to all that taking care of your body organ is the minimum you can do to help them function properly. Do not turn a blind eye to your problem because you never know when the tables can turn.

Underneath is the comparison between the post-surgery picture of the patient and prior to the surgery.

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