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Mucormycosis causes

The surge of death tolls due to COVID had not even subsided completely, when we yet again started gasping within the clutches of the ‘Black fungus.’

What is Black Fungus?

Black fungus or mucormycosis is a rare but fatal group of viruses called as the mucormycetes. It was previously named as zygomycosis. The fungus is present openly in the air and effects people with a low immunity level.

The covid pandemic which has created a threat around the world also plays a role in recedinga person's immunity. We have seen what devastating conditions the mutating virus has brought to all of us. Sadly, the lowering immunity of covid patients is what the mucormycosis is targeting at.

What causes mucormycosis?

We are exposed to the fungus widely due to its presence in the air.The fungus, however has its residence set up in the soil, manure, the decayed food. Thus, it becomes one of our principal duties to vigilantly wash the fruits and vegetables before its consumption.

Mucormycosis is a life threatening fungus, affecting diabetic and lower immunity level people. Only active precautionary measure will be helpful in keeping the fungus at bay.

Why black fungus is targeting the covid positive patients?

We are all spectating at a World health crisis now. Covid 19 virus has mutated bringing with itself the second wave of calamity. Along with it, was reported another lethal infection... The black fungus!

The fungus had shown it’s first glimpse to a 71 year old covid patient in Orissa. Thereafter, the wrath of the fungus has only kept on increasing.

As we know, the vulnerable immunity of a person is one of the impacts of covid virus. As the fungus fests on these patients, they show signs and symptoms which mainly effect the face area.

As a covid patient, doctor prescribes steroids to the ailing person. But this steroid is restricted only for the use of critically ill patients. Most people in India, have been reluctant to this fact. They have tried self medication and bought these steroids over the counter. The result of it is as we see today, a low immunity for the fungus to affect us! Also, diabetic patients are another group of people, who are susceptible to this fungal infection.

Mucormycosis affecting only the face and the eye?

Mucormycosis patients are subjected to a black patch of spot on the face, black discharge coming out of the nose, redness and pain in the eyes, blurred eyesight, loosening of teeth, chest pain, fever, vomiting.

The fungus becomes very fatal if not treated on time. Mostly the affected part of the tissue is removed followed by a monthly anti fungal dose. Being negligent in controlling the fungus, can cause it to spread even to the brain and ultimately result in paralysis.

Mucormycosis, so is said to be a ‘face affecting fungus.’

Black fungus results in the loss of eyesight!

As deadening as the name suggests, black fungus has brought quite a sorrowful end result to the patients getting affected by it. Major issue, relies on it’s ability to infect the eyecausing blindness.

The early onset of the infection can begin with drooping eyes. Depending upon the time, the patient may complain of blurred vision or complete blindness if treatment is not approached.Fungus enters the body through the nasal cavity, finding it’s way to the orbits of the eye.

The therapy chosen by the doctor for rhino orbital mucormycosis is to intravenously inject Amphotericin B. Steps are also taken to prevent the spread of the infection to the brain. In case of severe damage to the eye tissue, doctors may recommend the removal of the eye.

Mucormycosis is leaving people to shudder. It’s effect can cause a loss of an organ. We can estimate its fatality by it. Prevention is the only economical step that can be taken to wave off the disease. Prohibiting the intake of steroids, taking care of the sugar level, working on the immunity and hygienic consumption of food are the only few ways needed to keep yourself healthy. It is better to fight to prevent a disease rather than to fight for your life!

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