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How to manage floaters and flashes in the eye?

Floaters and flashes can be a sign of problem with the Retina of our eyes. One should never avoid fresh floaters & / or flashes and should get an immediate check up by a Retina Surgeon.

An abrupt rise in the frequency of flashes and floaters may result in retinal tear or detachment.

An immediate eye check-up is a must if you face any visual impairment. Delaying the doctor’s visit in case of a retinal tear can lead to sight-threatening damages.

Look out for these signs and symptoms;

  • Increase of floaters and flashes.
  • Gradual shading of vision.
  • A decline in the normalcy of vision.
  • What are eye floaters?

    Speckled disturbances in your field vision are what you may term eye floaters. The occurrence of this incident is due to the transition of the jelly-like substance called vitreous gel to a more liquid consistency. This gradually forms microscopic proteins within the eye, which clump together and cast shadows on the retina.

    What are eye flashes?

    Spots of lights seen in the eye vision are called eye flashes. These lightning streaks often occur when there is traction caused in the retina due to the pulling effect of the vitreous gel.

    How can you manage the eye troubles?

    Initial and immediate need is a thorough check up by a Retina Specialist. Doctor will give you a dilated eye examination to check the periphery of your retina to rule out any tears, breaks or pull on your retina.

    If there are no tear/break in retina, floaters, although very disturbing in nature disappears in a span of time and may not require any specific treatment. Large floaters may need medical intervention if it is causing disturbance in the vision. The standard procedure to overcome this issue is retinal surgery or Vitrectomy surgery. Microscopic instruments are used by trained surgeons to remove floaters from the retinal area. Floaters can also be treated with a laser procedure called YAG vitreolysis.

    Reluctance towards such sensitive matters can even result in the loss of your eyesight and may need an extensive retina surgery.

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