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Everything You Need to Know About Cataract Surgery and COVID-19

With three authorized COVID-19 vaccines on the market, there is more hope than ever before that we can finally resume life as it was before the pandemic. This means that many of the restrictions that we’ve been operating under for the last few months are slowly but surely being lifted.

With millions of people vaccinated already, a growing number of health practices have resumed surgical procedures. After a several-months-long pause, patients can finally undergo the surgical procedures they need, including elective procedures.

At Delhi Eye Care, we’re proud to announce that we have resumed cataract surgery, which is often considered to be an elective procedure. If you’re tired of living with blurry vision, now is the time to schedule cataracts and other treatments.

Here’s what you need to know about cataract surgery and the COVID vaccine and whether there is any relationship between the two.

Is It Safe to Have Cataract Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The idea of undergoing any type of surgery during a pandemic can be worrisome. However, at Delhi Eye Care, we have been cautious and continue to take the necessary safety precautions to ensure a clean and germ-free environment. This ensures safety for not only our doctors and staff but our patients as well.

At Delhi Eye Care, we continue to wear all of the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE), as advised by the govt. Including masks, gloves, gowns, and protective shields. We also require patients to wear proper protective gear as well. Also, we are operating every case after RTPCR testing to keep the hospital environment safe. With the proper precautions, there is very little risk of undergoing cataract surgery, pandemic or not! So, if you’re wondering, “How safe is cataract surgery?”—the answer is “Very safe!”

How long to wait for Cataract Surgery after recovering from COVID-19?

If you have recovered from COVID-19infection, it is better to wait for around four weeks for any elective surgery (if you were having only a mild infection or if you were not hospitalized). On the other hand, if you were in ICU or had severe COVID its better to wait longer 8-12 weeks for complete recovery. Emergency surgery like Retinal Detachment has to be done at the earliest in consultation with the treating physician.

How Safe Is Cataract Surgery After the COVID-19 Vaccine?

There is no correlation between cataract surgery and the COVID-19 vaccine. This means that there is no need to wait to have surgery if you have or haven’t been vaccinated. Because cataract surgery is focused on the eyes, there is no relationship between the vaccine and surgical treatment.

By waiting to schedule cataract surgery, you not only have to continue living with poor, blurry vision, but you put your eye health and overall vision at risk.

Should You Wait to Have Cataract Surgery until You’ve Been Vaccinated?

As explained above, there is no correlation between cataract surgery and the COVID-19 vaccine. Many healthcare professionals have spoken out about the safety of elective surgeries and the vaccine..

Do You Have to Wait to Get Both Doses to Have Surgery?

There is no need to wait to get both doses of the vaccine before undergoing cataract surgery. If you elect to receive the Covaxin or Covishield vaccine, you know that these vaccines are given in two different stages. The first shot works to build protection in the body. The second shot, which is administered a few weeks later, is needed to ensure maximum protection.

Can You Have Surgery a Day Before or After Getting the Vaccine?

If your cataract surgery date and vaccination date happen to fall in the same week, there’s no need to worry! You can get the vaccine the day before or after cataract surgery without much concern.

What’s important is that patients don’t correlate potential vaccine side effects with side effects of cataract surgery. Many have reported that the second dose of the two-stage vaccines can cause symptoms such as fever, body aches, headache, and chills, so be aware of these risks ahead of time.

Make an Appointment Today! Don’t put off cataract treatment any longer. Now is the time to get the surgery you need so that you can see and experience life as it’s meant to be! Being able to see without blurry or foggy vision can be just the positivity you need to make it through these next few months.

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