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How to treat computer vision syndrome

  • Invention of television- September 7, 1927
  • Invention of mobile phone –1973
  • Invention of the computer- early 19th century.
  • The above three mentioned commodities are ruling our lives today. People lived a content life even before the 19th century...even before these inventions had taken place! What has since then changed that causes our supreme attachment to these so-called- necessity- evils?

    We claim that we are expanding in terms of technology, but often, we forget to question the threats that theupdated tech has brought about to our health.

    Today's world can be named as the digital world! From waking up first thing in the morning towhen we sleep at night, we engage ourselves in technology usage. Sadly, we do not ponder upon the fact that these activities are straining our eyes. Excessive use of ‘display screens’ hasled to headaches that we conveniently bypass.

    Did you even know that the strain you put on your eye due to the immoderate usage of screens is actually a syndrome?

    Yes, this disturbance caused to your eyes is termed as Computer Vision Syndrome.

    Symptoms of computer vision syndrome-

  • Fatigue
  • Irritated eyes
  • Redness of the eye
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea
  • Back and shoulder pain.
  • Almost the majority of us have been experiencing this. Also, none of us are taking any course of action to negate the problem.Reluctance always has a price to pay!

    Did you know: Our eyes are accustomed to viewing things only at an appropriate distance. Looking at ‘screens’ is making us work against nature.

    Also, the concentration level reduces our power to blink often. The adversity to it is brought about by acquiring symptoms of dry eyes!

    What measure can be taken to reduce straining of the eyes?

  • Constantly glaring at the computer or mobile screen can increase stress to the eyes. Take effective measures to maintain a proper distance and decrease screen time.
  • Hunching your back to get a closer view of the display is causing you all the muscle strains. To avoid this, take an ample number of breaks between your working hours.
  • Maintain a calm lighting effect while working on the screen. This will minimize your eye strain.
  • Blue light emitted by mobile or computer screens affectsthe deeper areas of the eye.Restrict your screen timings to avoid severe eye issues.
  • Treatment for computer vision syndrome-

  • The first step to treatment involves going to an eye specialist. Consult your eye doctor for the impending eye problems you are going through. After a detailed diagnosis, the doctor might refer you glasses or contact lenses of accurate power.
  • The headache associated with computer vision syndrome can be checked by restricting the usage of the display screens. In sporadic cases, the doctor will prescribe any medication for it.
  • Dry eyes can be treated by employing eye drops. These relax the eye muscles, also treating the side effects of computer vision syndrome.
  • There is a famous 20-20-20 rule that ismakingthe rounds. Its specification is to take a break of 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of working in the computer and looking away at anything kept at a distance of 20 feet.
  • Prevention of eye problems can easily be done by following few easy measures;

    Taking breaks between work to relax both your eye and body muscles by cutting down the time of eagerly viewing the screen and instead going out for strolls. It is said thatlooking at nature has a calming effect on our eyes. Well,that indeed is a better alternative to looking at the screen all day long!

  • Having a closer relationship with the technology world has made us distant from real-life connections. Children or adults are more focused ondigitally connecting instead of face-to-face conversation. Putting a halt to this extremity has become mandatory now. We are staking the proper functioning of our eyes, healthy relationships for an inanimate object. It is never too late to correct the issues that have surfaced due to the technology barrier. Only a goodwork-life balance can maintain our relationships as well as the proper functioning of our eyes.

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