CGHS Approved Eye Hospital in Delhi, NCR

CGHS Approved Eye Hospital in Delhi,NCR

what is the procedure to get eye treatment in cghs approved private eye hospitals?

If you're a CGHS beneficiary seeking top-notch eye treatment at a leading private eye hospital in Delhi NCR, your best choice is Delhi Eye Care. We stand as one of the Best eye hospitals in Delhi, offering advanced facilities and boasting a team of highly reputed and awarded doctors. Our comprehensive eye care services feature state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring the highest standards of treatment. Delhi Eye Care is CGHS approved and holds NABH Accreditation (Entry Level), ensuring excellence in care.

Eligibility for CGHS Patient:

Central government employees (serving and retired) and their dependents enrolled in CGHS are eligible for subsidized eye treatment at empanelled hospitals

Required Documents for CGHS Patient:

  • CGHS beneficiary card
  • Referral slip from designated CGHS dispensary (may vary depending on the case)

  • Cashless for Retired

  • 1.CGHS Card
  • 2.Need Referred letter from your nearest Dispensary
  • 3.No need Referral letter for above 75-year-old person only you need to carry your CGHS Card
  • 4.Need Referral Letter for only Investigation / Procedure.

  • Paid for Serving Patient (CGHS Rate)

  • 1.CGHS Card
  • 2.Referral for patient in case of reimbursement and not for hospital.

  • For Dependents (CGHS Rate)

  • 1.Need CGHS Card
  • 2.Referral from any CGHS Dispensary

  • Treatment Coverage:

    Consult the CGHS list of empanelled hospitals and treatments covered under CGHS in Delhi NCR. Some treatments may require pre-authorization. Obtain details from the CGHS office or empanelled hospital.

    Claim Process:

    Follow the claim process established by CGHS, including submitting forms and required documents. Claim procedures may differ for cashless and reimbursement scenarios.

    Helpful Resources:

  • If you want our expet help call us +91 - 8130350580
  • CGHS Website:
  • List of Empanelled Hospitals:
  • CGHS Helpdesk: 1800-208-8900
  • CGHS Empanelled Eye Hospitals in Delhi PDF Download