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Pediatric & Squint Treatment

What is Squint?

When one of the eyes deviates from its normal position, this condition I called Squint. This is usually note in young adults. It can be treated with correction of glasses and or through a small surgery.

Pediatric Eye Check Up

We have a dedicated pediatric clinic for complete checkup of eyes of young kids which involves checkup for the need of glasses, presence of squint and any other associated condition/s. Eye exams for children are important to ensure healthy eyes for the kids and for the optimal performance in school & sports.

Schedule of Eye check for your kids

1st Check up : at the age of 6 months (except for pre-term which need very early checkup)

2 nd check up : at 3 years of age

3 rd check up : at 5-6 years of age

Follow ups: after every 2 years

For those kids who need glasses should get their eyes checked yearly or per their ophthalmologist’s prescription.