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Lasik Treatment

Lasik Services

Lasik is a very popular and time tested treatment available for removal of glasses. Millions of people have benefited and regained glass free vision. Lasik (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) reshapes the cornea by using excimer laser beam. Lasik treatment can correct a wide range of optical aberrations like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and Higher Order Aberrations (small tiny aberrations in the cornea). It is simple, painless and outpatient procedure.

How Lasik Surgery is Done?

Lasik procedure consists of two steps. First making a thin hinged flap on the cornea, after lifting the flap Lasik procedure is performed on the bed of the flap. The corneal flap is repositioned after the completion of treatment. It takes 10-15 minutes for both the eyes.

Right age for Lasik eye surgery?

The ideal candidate is the one with age over 18 years with healthy eyes and stable vision.

What to do if I wear contact lenses ?

Patients with contact lens should remove the lens before check up. Soft Lens one week before Semi soft Lens two weeks and Hard Lens four weeks before check up

What are the pre- LASIK investigations?

To ensure fitness for laser surgery the following basic investigations are to be performed:

  • Complete eye exam
  • Orbscan Corneal Topography test to evaluate the size, shape, elevation, curvature, thickness of the cornea measured
  • Aberrometry to measure aberrations, pupil size, pupil centre shift and iris recognition
  • Measuring refractive power
  • Retinal, Glaucoma evaluation, etc.
  • Tears status of the eye

What are the advantages of the LASIK eye treatment?

  • Very simple and successful procedure
  • Patients can see without glasses or contact lens
  • Freedom from glasses
  • Better vision
  • Greater predictability
  • Better night vision
  • Safe
  • Rare glare and halos